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Love & Fun - software for your heart and soul

Love & Fun Software

Love & Fun was developed for ATARI ST Computers in 1989 and distributed as shareware. The professional Love & Fun version 3.0 was launched in 1990, it included a database with personal data of over 1000 famous people. Anyone interested in certain skandals of the rich and famous could use Love & Fun to calculate celebrity matches and figure out what really happened. The celebrity database will be made available on as well.

The Love & Fun party module was launched in 1991 and it has been used successfully at many single events since then. The matching results are striking. Our critical and enlightened guests typically question the success of computer matching, and they are pleasantly surprised when the calculated results correlate with their personal experience. Two best girlfriends arriving at a party together already know that there is strong bond between them; Love & Fun can only replicate that fact, but the next step is interesting ...

If one of the two friends is single and interested in meeting a potential mate, Love & Fun will screen the electronic guest list of the evening and identify likely candidates. And, Love & Fun will keep making suggestions throughout the evening if other potentially attractive males arrive at the party and are entered into the database. The Love & Fun software assumes that likely mates should be as emotionally attractive to the single person as that person's best friend. In addition, the software checks for physical attraction which goes beyond the superficial features. Maybe the electronically selected mate will not be blonde or dark-haired, but he or she may have that special something about them ...

If you would like to be invited to a Love & Fun party in your area, simply become a member of The electronic membership is free for private individuals. Clubs and commercial users of the Love & Fun database pay a monthly membership fee.

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Publiziert: 28.04.2001 - Aktualisiert: 02.11.2006
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