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Love & Fun membership

The electronic membership is free for private individuals. Clubs and commercial users of the Love & Fun database pay a monthly membership fee. The most interesting features of Love & Fun are reserved for members only:

  • Members have access the complete and detailed partner search features of Love & Fun. These search features are not available to guests, because the detailed analysis may take some time to complete, and guests have not yet submitted pertinent information like their birthday and place of birth. Love & Fun was designed to help you locate a soul mate. Anything else is just a databases.
  • Members are automatically notified by e-mail when Love & Fun has identified a potential dream date in the database. There is no need to be online frequently to check new entries.
  • Love & Fun organizes parties and other interesting single events exclusively for members.
  • Members may announce their own cocktail and dinner parties on the Love & Fun site, and invite other members to join them.

I would be delighted if you chose to join Love & Fun today. The others members will be happy to meet you ...

With kind regards

Klaus Schultheis

Publiziert: 25.05.2001 - Aktualisiert: 02.11.2006
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