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Love & Fun regional centers

Once you have tested and thoroughly enjoyed Love & Fun on these pages, and if you see the value and market potential of our versatile dating software, we would like you to join us as a regional representative. Love & Fun is designed for professional or occasional application in the following areas:

  • Dance Clubs, Discothèques and Bars
    Love & Fun party software runs events of any size at your location. The internet database invites regular customers and new guests in your area via e-mail. Love & Fun event teams greet your guests at the door, and explain our popular dating game: a fascinating evening event which will have your guests coming back again and again.
  • Single and Social Clubs
    Love & Fun supports events at your location, from the electronic invitation right up to our popular dating game. Run private and public events, involve your club members in a memorable party experience, and expand your membership.
  • Dating Agencies
    Love & Fun was deployed in 1990 to be used specifically by dating agencies. Since then, new program modules have been released which are designed to increase your agency's customer base through a variety of private and public events.
  • Event Agencies
    Love & Fun may be used by event agencies to coordinate vacations for singles, seminars, breakfast clubs, exhibitions, and other lifestyle events targeted specifically at young people and those young at heart. Love & Fun events are easy to moderate and very enjoyable.
  • Entrepreneurs
    Love & Fun dating software and internet applications provide the basis for your business in a growing singles' market. If you are or have been single, if you understand the target audience, if you like to work with people, and are interested in a promising career area, Love & Fun is a strategic marketing instrument for your new business.

If you would like to build a Love & Fun regional center in your area, please contact Klaus Schultheis.

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